Friday, April 6, 2018

TIPS: How much has been deposited in your PF Balance, know this way in minutes

PF is the best savings for every employee, every employee tries to know how much their PF balance amount is. But do not know the lack of knowledge about the proper method. This amount can come to work anytime you like. If you are a POF’s Total Amount

Yuletty Desk, Ahmedabad: After 4G internet, people are doing the most work on mobile, shopping is done by using the teaching and learning mobile internet. But there is a big problem browsing between all these. Users complain that there is a speed of mobile browsing speed. If you also face such problem, there is easy tricks shown here, by following the follow up, you can increase internet surfing speed.

Increase browsing speed …
– If you are using a Chrome browser on your smartphone, type chrome: // flags / # max-tiles-for-interest-area in the address bar and then scroll down to the bottom.
Here you will see ‘Max Tiles for Interest Area’ written.
After clicking here, you will see a drop-down menu, where ‘default’, ’64’, ‘128’, ‘256’, ‘512’ will appear.
– If you change the settings to ‘512’ then you see the increase in the speed of browsing.
After doing this, your phone will be ‘Relalled Now’ after that Chrome will launch a new chrome with more memory.
Learn more in the next slides Tips for increasing the speed …



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