Facebook launches new feature, if someone post your photo, notification will be available

Facebook launches new feature, if someone post your photo, notification will be available

Social Media Site Facebook will now use the FAST Recognition Technology for identification of your photo. The company already uses this technology, but now it will be used differently. This will greatly increase the security and privacy of your photos.

Facebook has said, “Today we are launching a new Optional Tool, which will help people manage their identities with Facebook Face Recognition. This same technology works on technology that helps you identify you in already tagged photos. “Facebook further said,” Face Recognition is being brought on the basis of feedback given by the people, this tool is very easy, the users You can turn it on and off when you want it. “

If in general, someone has uploaded a photo to Facebook, then Facebook will send you a notification. Facebook will tell you that someone uploaded your photo. You can tag yourself in that photo if you wish, or you can ask that person to delete the photo. If someone does not delete the photo, you can also report it to Facebook. The special thing here is that you will get a notification even if the person who posted the photo does not tag you.

According to Facebook, the company will soon use this technology for profile photo safety too. The company said, “We want people to post their photos on Facebook, they should be confident that they will not be misused. For this, Facebook will use Face Recognition Technology for profile photo. “
It is worth mentioning that Facial Recognition Technology has been in disputes over privacy at some places. An online privacy expert and the activist fighting for this always suspect this technology. They argue that if there are billions of people’s face scans in any one place or the same company, then there may be a problem with privacy.

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