Monday, May 7, 2018

How many development works happened in your village, one click with one click

To get this information, first copy and paste into the below link: 

Then you can select the language. Currently there is an option of English, Hindi and Punjabi.

Here you select your plan year and your state name and click on GET REPORT. Then ask about the unit of the scheme, ie, to know if you want to know from the Government for your village this year, how many rupees came from the government for your village this year, select the option of GRAM PANCHYA

Then, when you live in the district panchayat, you will choose the name of your district.
After selecting the district panchayat, you can select the name of the district panchayat or block.
How much money has come in your village / district / ward from this website. As well as the sarpanch, the board members did much work. You can get complete information about how much money the government has taken. If you find any data that you do not feel is right, you can complain about it at the public convenience center. The Chief Minister will look directly at this complaint.

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