Gujarat Budget Highlight In One Pdf File

Interest subsidy up to 6% for small and medium craftsmen

- Interest subsidy up to 8% to make the economy more economical

- 60 crores for equipment assistance to 84 thousand craftsmen

- Kitchens of Gujarat will be provided free of cost to all the workers of Gujarat

- Small workers pay 80 crores for meals at Rs 10

- Provision of Rs. 27 thousand 300 crore for education sector - Provision of 500 crores for farmers

- Provision of Rs 36 crore for the assistance of rural milk producer co-operatives and the purchase of various equipment

34 crore for nationwide live stock mission

- Provision of Rs. 25 crores for Chief Minister's free animal treatment scheme

- Provision of Rs. 395 crores under National Agriculture Development Scheme

- Provision of Rs. 28.50 crores for providing chemical and fertilizers to the farmers in problem and adequate quantity.

- To provide motivation and self-employment opportunities to adopt the youth class in the pastoral profession, a grant of Rs. 3 lakhs per farm will be provided for the replacement of 12 milk cattle farms.

- In the coming year, approximately 30,000 new recruitments will be made in different parts of the government.

- A provision of Rs. 60 crores for the grant of Rs. 20,000 without any tool kit for 84000 beneficiaries under the scheme of human welfare.

- Storage capacity of cold storage increased from 23 lakh metric tons to 3 million metric tonne by 2022

- Provision of Rs 30 crore for establishment of a federation for primary and advance processing facility for vegetables and fruits under Operation Green Line

- Provision of Rs. 30 crores for Krishi Mahotsav

- 235 crores subsidy to buy 29 thousand farmers for the tractor

- Provision of Rs 85 crore for farm pond

- Zero percent will be financed by farmers

- Vegetables - efforts will be made to get the prices of fruits

- 702 crores for agricultural development university

200 crores subsidy for fencing fencing

23 million to start two new Veterinary clinics

25 crore allocation for free treatment of animals

- 25 crore to promote dairy industry in Saurashtra-Kutch

- Provision of Rs. 44 crores for breeding of Gir and conch cow cows

- Provision of 280 crores for fish ports

Provision for subsidy of Rs 102 crore for fishermen

- Provision of Rs 3 crore to construct new fishery ponds

- 3200 rupees for the garment sector workers. Diploma holder will be assisted in monthly 2000. Others will be given monthly 1500.

- Taxes on High Speed ​​Diesel Oil will be waived

- Rs 26 crores will be allocated for Karuna Animal Institute

- Four new Centers of Excellence will be created to take advantage of Israel's technology.

- Provision of Rs 785 crore for youth employment.

- 4 lakh youth will get employment under employment fairs

- Provision of Rs. 70 crore for digitization of co-operative societies

- 6755 crore will be allocated for agriculture, loans will be given to farmers at zero percent interest. Provision of Rs. 85 crores for construction of farm pond, Rs. 30 crores for agriculture festival

- Target to employ 7.7 million young people in the current year

- Three lacs up to 12 lacs

- 272 crore allotment to youth more than Chief Minister Apprenticeship

- Rs 1081 crore will be allocated for midday meal

- Students passing standard 10, 12 will get the tablets at 1000 price

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